11 Awesomely Terrible Comic Book Movies

Batman Forever

I’ll admit, my appreciation of Batman Forever stems, in large part, from the unintentional humor that the flick is drenched in. It has some intentional comedic moments, but it’s the sequences that aren’t supposed to be funny that really win big on the laughs. Val Kilmer is a terrible Batman, and Tommy Lee Jones is just a flat out strange pick for Two-Face, but it all truly comes down to Jim Carrey’s unbelievably over the top portrayal of The Riddler; that’s just weirdly awesome movie magic.

Jonah Hex

I enjoyed Jonah Hex quite a bit. It’s not going to please fans of the amazing comics, there’s no doubt about that, but I’ve always been a sucker for western horrors, and this one certainly fits the bill. Josh Brolin does the character justice, even if the story itself is a little watered down. The CGI sucks, for sure, but the movie speeds along at a quick enough clip to look past most of those issues. Keep an eye out for a fun appearance from Michael Fassbender, and expect a strong showing from the eccentric John Malkovich.

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