7 Crude and Sexual Moments in Batman and Harley Quinn

DC’s growing more accustomed to bending the rules by the day, resulting in films that are clearly aimed at an older audience. Typically Warner Brothers reserves profanity, crude language and adult sexual themes for live-action fare, and not necessarily superhero themed live action fair. But in 2017 the market is still shifting and DC and Warner are looking for ways to keep up, and keep it edgy. The latest film to experience this growing trend? Batman and Harley Quinn.

This flick is absolutely loaded with controversial themes. Sexuality is at the front of the line, though the pic does push other boundaries. It’s interesting to see an animated Batman flick with so many taboos so freely explored. I love the brooding Batman, but the embarrassed Batman is just as awesome.

Sarge Steel and His Flattery of the Ladies

“Whew, that Lady Shiva. Couldn’t say no to a slice of that pie, know what I mean?”

Sarge Steel isn’t the most tactful man out there, as is evidenced by the crude and potentially offensive language from Sarge Steel. He seems to have as much respect for women as Robert Shaw had for Richard Dreyfuss. There’s a humorous element of this scene, but it doesn’t come from Sarge, it comes from the dead silent Batman. Talk about axing a crowd.

Let’s Just Go Full on Sexual Assault and Harassment

Nightwing spots Harley Quinn working in a small diner, where she’s waiting on a group of hooligans. One of those hooligans decides it’s a good idea to get frisky and grab Harley’s rear end. Harley handles herself well, as would be expected, but that doesn’t change the fact that a Batman cartoon just happily showcased some assault/sexual harassment.

What the Hell Are We Suggesting Here?

“We’ve got a very special role for you in Bad Girls After dark. A tasteful pictorial to be shot in Thailand for illegal reasons.”

With a quote like that you’ve got a couple extremely perverse ideas that immediately rise to the surface. None of them are in the least bit appropriate, but we’re sure you’re thinking the same things we’re thinking. Either way, we’re steering clear of that one.

Harley Loves to Flaunt it

About 20 minutes into the film and we get to a pretty ballsy scene that’s drenched in near-porn. Harley has Nightwing tied to her bed. She then proceeds to strip down to her underwear while she rummages through her closet, looking for something to wear…

And Ensure Nightwing isn’t Some Softy

… Before turning around to find Nightwing gazing at the scantily clad, nutty hottie. And what do you know, the man isn’t exactly soft anymore. The bulging eyes in Harley’s sockets give it away. So does this compromised position and look of utter embarrassment.

A Girl Can Take Care of Herself

Nightwing and Harley are doing a little bit of uncomfortable bantering shortly after sleeping together. Nightwing is basically trying to play it cool, but Harley’s clowning around when she delivers this rather age sensitive comment: “Look, maybe I’ll call you some time.

And Then Two Twin Brothers Took to the Stage to Serenade Each Other… and This Happened

And we really don’t know what to say about that…

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