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‘Black Road Volume 1: The Holy North’ Review

I’ve never been huge on vintage tales riddled with warriors and religious types, but Image Comics, and more specifically, writer Brian Wood and artist Garry Brown have got me questioning my previous opinion. Black Road Volume 1 is nothing short of amazing.

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Prepare for a Brand New Tale from ‘The Street Angel Gang’!

If you’re digging everything about The Street Angel Gang, then get ready for a summer time gift of greatness. Image has our backs, and that means a brand new tale from Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca!

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Steve Niles Arrives in ‘Winnebago Graveyard’ This June

Steve Niles has so many stellar stories under his belt you can literally name just about anything he’s done and it will not only be a quality book, it might also ring a bell. Here’s a little one you might know: 30 Days of Night.

Yeah, that Steve Niles!

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‘Rat Queens’ Back to the Printers Due to Fan Demand!

Image and Shadowline are answering calls from fans: We want more Rat Queens!

The good folks in control of this beautiful books have heard our pleas, and I’m stoked to say they’re doing everything they can for comic fans: Rat Queens #1 is headed back to print!

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‘Saga: Book Two’ Arrives in April in a Deluxe Hardcover!

If you’re a huge Saga fan, or if you just love all things created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, you’re most certainly going to want to keep your eyes open, as we fans are going to be gifted something special in April!

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‘Ringside Vol. 1: Kayfabe’ Review

I haven’t been a fan of professional wrestling since about 1987. Back when the big American promotion wasn’t WWE, but WWF. Back when Hulk Hogan shredded that yellow shirt… and Jake the Snake brought that terrifying sack out to the ring with him… and the Ultimate Warrior exploded into a fireball of energy and popularity. It’s been that long for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a great wrestling film (Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler was a heartbreaking masterpiece), or a great wrestling book, like Ringside Vol. 1: Kayfabe.

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‘Birthright’ Volume 1: Homecoming (Review)

Little Mikey is just playing ball with his old man. It’s a slick way to keep the boy distracted while mom stayed back at home and prepared his big birthday bash. But it doesn’t look as though Mikey’s going to be enjoying that party… as he’s gone – poof – completely missing. So begins a tale of adventure, mystery, terror and familial love.

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A Brand New Paperback Can’t Keep Officer Downe

If you’re unfamiliar with Image’s amazing title, Officer Downe, you’re missing out on one of the stronger titles on the market today. But fret not, you’ll soon be able to sag a gorgeous paperback loaded with plenty of extras.

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Deadly Class Book 1: Noise Noise Noise (Review)

If the X-Men all got together, hammered some cool beverages, “accidentally” stumbled into free rooms and bumped uglies, subsequently pumping out little Suicide Squad babies, you’d have an uglier rendition of Deadly Class (Book 1). And, as insane as that sounds, it really is kind of accurate.

This sprawling story focuses on an assortment of troubled teens who find themselves recruited into a private school (complete with an ancient cousin of Professor X), far off the radar. This school isn’t designed to help your reading, writing and arithmetic however, this is school is designed to turn rogues into highly skilled professional assassins.

It’s an insane concept to work with, and although the book borrows a few ideas from a few major titles, Rick Remender’s narrative is infectious, complex and unique enough to suck readers into the morbid vortex inhabited by youthful assassins. With each page that passes in this beautiful collection only becomes more curious, until the answers finally begin trickling in, and readers are left to assemble a few severely damaged lives.

At the heart of this top notch piece is a somewhat simple coming of age tale, and I love that about it. Don’t get me wrong, the violence and brutality of the book is gratifying, but the more personal elements are where the magic really lives. The love, the loss. The loyalty, the betrayal. These are things we’ve always dealt with in the real world, and they’re issues that make up a prominent slice of a teenager’s life.

Wes Craig’s artwork is excellent, often mixing up clean, precise images with frantic illustrations to further enhance Remender’s story. The two work well together, and the book is nothing short of absolutely magical.

Highly, highly recommended!

You can look into it right here.

Rating: 5/5