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‘Torchwood: Station Zero Part 1’ Review

I’m new to Torchwood, and it’s an active enough tale that walking into this story after having failed – thus far – to catch up on the first Torchwood series, proves a task. The writing isn’t profoundly complex, and we get the early impression that we’re dealing with a pretty straight forward science fiction piece, but there are an assortment of characters, and Station Zero Part 1 wastes no time in letting us know we’ve got to learn names and faces extremely quickly (there’s a character guide to kick the book off, thankfully) to have a firm understanding of what’s happening.

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‘Norman Volume #1’ Review

Stan Silas has a pint-sized hit on his hands. Norman is one of those weird, left field arrivals that blows the reader away. It’s comic genius from a guy who clearly has a firm grasp on good characters and dark humor. While Titan may not be neck-and-neck in the comic race, they’re excellent publishers with an assortment of fan favorites. Norman is fast becoming one of those favorites. Silas’ book is as good, if not better than anything you’ll find on the shelf today.

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‘The Forever War #1’ Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers, so if you’ve yet to read Joe Haldeman’s novel, or this particular issue, be leery of the facts divulged.

Joe Haldeman and Marvano join forces to deliver a riveting adaptation of Haldeman’s own Hugo Award-winning science fiction novel of the same name, and while this may be a different medium, it’s a captivating piece of work all the same; Haldeman has maximized the effectiveness of a modern masterpiece, and that not only opens his story up to a demographic that may have missed his novel, it’s also worth serious applause. This is a true masterwork of fiction, plain and simple.

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‘Khaal #1′ (Review)

In a space age dystopian hell, one man rules an entire body of the living. Those trapped on the prison ship, Empyreon are slaves to an all-powerful and profoundly ruthless leader known as Khaal. He is, for lack of a better term, a tyrant, and there is no escaping him for the prison Empyreon is the only existing ship in the galaxy.

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