11 Awesomely Terrible Comic Book Movies

Fantastic Four

I don’t know why I like this film. It doesn’t get much hokier than this one, to be honest. Ben Grimm looks nauseatingly bad post-transformation, and Jessica Alba – as Sue Storm – was probably the single worst casting decision ever made in a superhero film (Ben Affleck has a very real claim to this title). But, Julian McMahon is pretty solid as Victor Von Doom, and… well… Julian McMahon is pretty solid as Victor Von Doom. The action scenes are fun, and Julian Mc- well, you see where I’m going with that. I shouldn’t like anything about Fantastic Four… but for some reason, I do.

The Punisher

I’m a big Thomas Jane fan. I interviewed the man years ago and he held nothing back when admitting to the joy he obtains by drinking excessively – something he was doing while we conducted our business – and he held nothing back while chatting film. He was a cool, straight-shooting dude, and although he’s completely wrong for Punisher, and although the movie often borders on embarrassing, it has a strange, almost 90s action kind of charm to it. It’s quite inferior to Punisher: War Zone, but it has its qualities.

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