11 Awesomely Terrible Comic Book Movies


Some films are just too ambitious for their own good. Spawn fits into that category comfortably. The visual effects are among the messier you’ll see, and the casting is strange from top to bottom. The screenplay feels like it has one too many minds involved in assembly, and general production values are shaky. Those are the focal problems for Spawn, but none of them leave me feeling deterred. The movie is generally pretty fun, and it becomes easier to invest in the characters with every single viewing. It hasn’t aged well, but that’s no shocker, and no reason to avoid jumping into this flick every once in a while.


Virus really didn’t work very well on screen. Not even legendary scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis can save the flick from itself. But even though everything feels like it’s been ratcheted up to 15, when 8s are called for, I still think the flick is a blast. It blends so many sub-genres it’ll leave your head spinning, but you may get a kick out of the abundant practical effects and seasoned crew.

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