New Mutants #98

1st Appearance of Deadpool in New Mutants #98

We all love to look back at the moments that our favorite characters came to life on page. Deadpool, one of Marvel’s few characters that hasn’t undergone a horrific transformation in recent years, no doubt serves as one of today’s most popular characters. His quips are sharp, his skills are sharper. He’s not pretty. But his introduction, in New Mutants #98 is pretty damn awesome.

Fabian Nicieza handles the story with some help from artist Rob Liefeld (who also works on the plot), and together they offer up a nice throwback read. The book is now more than 25 years old, but the narrative and the visual presentation still stand up remarkably well. Between Nicieza and Liefeld we’re getting some of finest talent that was active in the ‘90s, so their work is likely to be familiar to the older crowds who grew up on their stuff.

I’m included in that lot, so this feels akin to a trip down memory lane.

The story focuses on the fact that Cable’s New Mutants have been falling apart, but that plays more as a subplot to the massive introduction of Deadpool. This isn’t one of those instances in which we get a shadowed image of the character on the final page before a true introduction in the following issue. Nope, no cameo here – it’s all Deadpool, who’s been hired to take out one of the X-universe’s big guns, namely, Cable.

A lengthy battle ensues and Deadpool finds himself tangling with what remains of the New Mutants. Of course, the heroes tend to get the upper hand, and there’s no exception here. Just the same, it’s a blast of a throw-down between two characters who are now established legends in the Marvel field.

This is a fun read, and Deadpool’s entrance is pretty damn awesome!

Here’s a peak at the very first actual appearance of Deadpool, looking tough as nails and ready for combat!

The very first appearance of Deadpool

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