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‘The Wicked Righteous #1’ is Post-Apocalyptic Terror as it Should Be (Review)

Making a post-apocalyptic tale work isn’t easy these days. Just about everyone and their mother have traveled this path, and it’s beyond well-trodden, at this point. But somehow, Terry Mayo, Lucas Romero and the folks over at Alterna Comics have delivered up a true beauty in the form of The Wicked Righteous.

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Aliens: Dead Orbit #2 Review

The second issue of James Stokoe’s interesting Aliens: Dead Orbit sees our rescue crew working to keep the three mutilated individuals introduced in issue one alive. They’re grotesqueries to look at, and it seems a little unlikely that any one of the three would even care to survive, looking like they look, but they’re crucial to the story, as they inadvertently bring the focal crew face-to-face with the dreaded Xenomorphs.

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Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 Review

James Stokoe’s Aliens: Dead Orbit sees a sizable vessel discover an unresponsive ship floating in the depths of space. As we’ve seen in prior Aliens books, the active crew decides to board the ghost ship and see if they can’t find any survivors. And they do, but the discovery is essentially made in vain, as an electronic mishap leaves three survivors burning inside their sleep pods. Unfortunately for our would-be heroes, an alien lifeform is quickly discovered, and as the first issue comes to a cliffhanger halt, these nasties lifeforms make their presence known in bloody fashion.

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The Violent: Blood Like Tar #1 Review

If you’re looking for a book to drive you into the deeper depths of sadness, The Violent is the book you’re looking for. It’s an everything-that-can-go-wrong-does kind of story, but it’s so melancholy, so terribly disconcerting that it could be likened to the cliché car-crash. The book pulls the reader in instantaneously. It’s real. It’s relatable. It’s hopeless, like so many of us.

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Clue #1 Review

As a kid, Clue was our family go-to come holiday seasons. It’s just what we did, and I think for the most part, we all enjoyed it quite a bit. The board game definitely has a place in my heart. And IDW’s new book seems as though it may quickly win real estate there, as well.

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Underrated Storylines: ‘Green Lantern Versus Aliens’

I like crossover stories quite a bit, and the Alien was a creature to tangle with a great deal of unexpected foes. One of those encounters, their battle with Kyle Rayner, at one point the last of the Green Lantern Corps, still to this day goes terribly overlooked by many. Kyle Rayner is my favorite Green Lantern in history (he elevated the Green Lantern book from a stale dust collector to a bona fide second-life hit in the ‘90s), and I haven’t seen a single Alien film that I didn’t enjoy to some degree, and the comics have been pretty damn consistent for decades now. Bringing the two together was a brilliant decision.

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‘Ultimate Spider-Man #1’ Review

My faith in Marvel Comics has been plummeting for years. Just the same, the publisher plays host to one of my favorite superheroes in existence: Spider-Man. Amazing always had me hooked, and both Spectacular and Web of were also mighty fine books. But I’ve been away from the character for a long time, and returning, I noticed that there are a number of new and different books out there, so I ended up with a few issues of Ultimate Spider-Man.

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The View from the Trailer Park – Those Lips, Those Eyes. ‘Wonder Woman’

Written by: Daniel McDonald

In 1980, a little known, little seen film about a Summer Stock Theater Company in 1951, starring Frank Langella, (DRACULA) Thomas Hulce ,(ANIMAL HOUSE, AMADEUS) and Glynis O’Conner (ODE TO BILLY JOE- what the hell happened to her?) with an interesting title that has stuck with me as clear as a bell for 37 years THOSE LIPS, THOSE EYES opened to better than average press. I saw the little romantic comedy, enjoyed it for what it was, and pretty much forgot about the film, but for some odd reason, not that damn title.

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‘Black Road Volume 1: The Holy North’ Review

I’ve never been huge on vintage tales riddled with warriors and religious types, but Image Comics, and more specifically, writer Brian Wood and artist Garry Brown have got me questioning my previous opinion. Black Road Volume 1 is nothing short of amazing.

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