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‘Elvira’s House of Mystery #1’ Review

As a big Elvira fan, and an enormous fan of genre comics, I can’t begin to make you understand how much I adore Elvira’s House of Mystery. It’s an awesome mix of the two, and while some may deem the book’s content a little watered down, it still manages to entertain (hello, there’s a shout out to the original House of Mystery’s host, Cain – tell me that ain’t awesome!) on a respectable scale.

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The Flash Volume 2 #1 Review

The second volume of The Flash opens on an interesting note. Barry Allen is no longer the man in the crimson suit. It’s Wally west who dons the duds now. That means Kid Flash has been upgraded to the Flash, a result of Barry’s unfortunate passing.

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Dark Horse Delivers a Beautiful Aquatic Mystery in ‘Dept. H #1’ Review

Matt Kindt isn’t just a brilliant storyteller, he’s mighty sufficient with the pencil as well. The man can do it all, and he’s back to prove that to the masses with his latest Dark Horse release, Dept. H. An unconventional story by all accounts, Kindt drops us deep in the ocean to solve a murder mystery. It’s like Clue, in the deep end of the pool… except exponentially more rewarding.

Mia has been recruited by USEAR – Underwater Scientist Exploration and Research – to investigate a murder that occurred deep beneath the water’s surface, in a research station. While the majority of the inaugural issue doesn’t yield much in the way of significant revelations, it does succeed in introducing us to our immediately likeable lead protagonist all the while lining up the murder suspects. We know the man who killed Mia’s father is somewhere in the research facility and she’s made it a professional and personal goal to solve this mystery.

Kindt’s work has always been top notch, but to see him take to the ocean’s floor feels refreshing. One single issue in and I’m completely addicted to this stunning who-dun-it piece. From Kindt’s narrative to the unique artwork and complex characters, Dept H is an immediate hit for Dark Horse.

Issue number two cannot arrive fast enough!

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Rating: 5/5


‘Batman: Joker’s Daughter’ Review

Over the years we’ve seen a surprising number of Batman story arcs that are drenched in horror. We’re talking books that are flat out gruesome, unforgiving and often frightening. Those books aren’t superhero books. They’re not aimed at young teens. These are brutal works of fiction, designed to appeal the much older crowd, eager to peel the superhero’s layers away to see something much deeper and darker. And that works for guys like myself, deep into my 30s with kids of my own. I know when to appreciate a book for myself and when to recommend a piece to my offspring. Batman: Joker’s Daughter is certainly a book that belongs far from the grasp of the kiddies.

Marguerite Bennett crafts a compelling tale that brings a new villain, with the genetic code of a classic rogue to the masses. The Joker’s Daughter is as schizophrenic as her daddy, and in this book she makes a complete transition from head case wannabe to murdering nemesis of the Bat. She’s morbid. She’s savage. She’s got jokes. She’s everything the Joker is and has been. She’s not watered down, or softened up to appeal to children. No. In this book, this little lady is deeply disconcerting and worthy of Batman’s time and attention. Even if he is a step ahead.

I won’t rush to break the story down. It’s a short book. It introduces one legendary figure to what could one day also be a legendary figure of the comic world. They tangle. Batman does what he does, and this woman does what Joker does, with conviction.

When it comes to DC, Batman has always been a runaway favorite for me. Always. There’s something magnetic about the Dark Knight. The mystery that always surrounds him inspires awe. Even in the somewhat rare, or less popular books, like Batman: Joker’s Daughter, a brilliant piece that has eluded me for some time.

I’m glad I picked this one up. Bennett is an excellent writer. Meghan Hetrick, who illustrates, is also razor sharp. Together they’re a special duo who could do huge things with this character. We’ll see where the future leads us.

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Rating: 5/5

Batman: Joker's Daughter Volume 1


‘Old Man Logan #1’ Review

Old Man Logan offers readers a look at a Wolverine that we’re not all too familiar with. See, Logan wakes to one day realize the world seems to be nothing as he knows it. He’s a stranger in a strange land, until the memories come flooding in and he’s forced to accept a future he would have once balked at.

The villains of the world finally got their act together, formed a massive alliance and not only obliterated superheroes, but just about anything in their path. What remains of those who were once gifted, fighting the good fight, is slim to say the least.

But the reality of it all is burrowing deep in Logan’s mind, and that’s never a good thing Logan dwells. He always has. And this time, he’ll dwell with a chance to change the future, as he’s somehow seen the clock rewound to a time just before the menaces of the world would take place as the alphas of the world. And only one remains: Can Logan change a dreadful future before it becomes a nightmarish present?

Jeff Lamire fires big, right out of the gate. And he does a stellar job of making Logan, a man once feared by anyone on the wrong side of his own stance, the law or the well-being of decent mutants, all but helpless. Domesticated and fragile, Logan will have his hands full if he hopes to get to the bottom of things and right a ship already losing course.

Artist Andrea Sorrentino does a great job of giving us something of a guerilla-style visual. Image details often masked by shadows, villains blending into one another, wide and expansive backgrounds, the perfect setup for focus on our heroes and villains. And Sorrentino doesn’t accomplish the look alone, colorist Marcelo Maiolo adds a great deal of depth to the book.

As a longtime fan of Wolverine, I’m always on the hunt for a new spin. A place Logan hasn’t yet ventured. A villain Logan has yet to collide with. Old Man Logan offers up a lot of the very things I search for.

Grade-A work, right here!

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Rating: 5/5