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The View from the Trailer Park – Those Lips, Those Eyes. ‘Wonder Woman’

Written by: Daniel McDonald

In 1980, a little known, little seen film about a Summer Stock Theater Company in 1951, starring Frank Langella, (DRACULA) Thomas Hulce ,(ANIMAL HOUSE, AMADEUS) and Glynis O’Conner (ODE TO BILLY JOE- what the hell happened to her?) with an interesting title that has stuck with me as clear as a bell for 37 years THOSE LIPS, THOSE EYES opened to better than average press. I saw the little romantic comedy, enjoyed it for what it was, and pretty much forgot about the film, but for some odd reason, not that damn title.

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Wait… the ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Looks Kind of Cool?

Just to get a few truths out there…

When Power Rangers ruled the world I was 14 or 15, and that meant they were nothing more than a bunch of goofballs in tights doing everything in their power to (as I then saw it) rip off some classic Japanese productions.

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Superman and Batman: Public Enemies Review

I’ll always be a sucker for three specific DC characters: The Flash, Superman and Batman. They’re all compelling characters with great depth, diverse personalities and an assortment of cool villains to tangle with. While we don’t get to see any crazy involvement from The Flash in Superman and Batman: Public Enemies, we get more than enough thrills from Supes and the Bat.

Knowing how much I adore these characters, this is hard to admit, but I get a morbid kick out of any opportunity to see both Superman and Batman made to look like true villains. You can bet with Lex Luthor having been recently elected as the president of the United States, these two are going to take a public shellacking. Lex Luthor doesn’t disappoint.

Luthor plays the manipulator here and gradually encourages the people of Metropolis, as well as every hero and villain alive to view these two in a different light. Obviously, Luthor wants to be done with Superman, and if he can take out the bat in the process, great. But it won’t be easy, even after recruiting every savage you can think of.

So who exactly wants to kill these two? Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Solomon Grundy, Metallo, Gorilla Grodd, Starfire, Mongul, Lady Shiva and… well, the list just goes on and on. And that means that Public Enemies is really just a showcase for every awesome DC character on the roster. It’s a blast to see!

The script is solid, the artwork is beautiful and seeing Superman and Batman bond over tough times is good fun in my mind. The flick is non-stop action, which also holds some huge appeal. All in all, director Sam Liu did a bang up job of creating one of the more entertaining feature length Batman/Superman films.

If you’re a DC freak, this is a must-see!

Rating: 4/5

What We Want to See from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I haven’t made it over to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice yet, but it’s not for lack of trying. I drove by the theater 20 minutes before the day’s first showing. That crowd was as about as nasty as it gets, the line stretching the length of the theater and then some. It got me thinking, what in the world do I really hope to see from this movie? And, well, that simple thought leads me here, writing about a movie I should be watching right now.

A Prolonged Battle: The one thing I’d hate to see is these two comic icons duke it out for three minutes before they jump on the happy train by making up and joining forces, all a necessity to combat the wrecking ball that is Doomsday. Batman and Superman should be beating the snot out of each other for a solid 12-15 minutes if Snyder hopes to keep blood thirsty fans pleased.

Blood: We’re hoping to see this collision get a little bit bloody. In reality, Batman stands little chance against the physically superior Superman, and that should lead to a brutal beating, assuming Batman shows up to fight. We’re hoping Zack Snyder goes grimy and bloodies things up. In all actuality, there’s basically no way that Bruce Wayne walks away from this fight without looking like raw hamburger.

Let’s Make Doomsday as Tough as He Truly is: Doomsday is the absolute freak that once beat every last ounce of life from Superman. Literally, he killed our beloved hero. How Superman came to return to the spotlight is irrelevant, what is relevant is the impact that Doomsday has. He’s Batman’s Bane, Spiderman’s Green Goblin, The X-Men’s Magneto. Give him the respect he deserves, even it means we have to see at least one of these heroes revived in the inevitable follow-up film.

Batman Deserves to Know: We all know, based on the footage we’ve seen, that Superman knows Batman’s identity (he’s Superman, of course he knows!) in the film. But I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Wayne knows Superman’s alternative identity. But he has to know. He’s basically the world’s toughest detective. And he’s good. Here’s hoping the writing crew responsible for the screenplay respect Bruce’s intelligence.

No Cliffhangers: We all know that DC is gearing up to make a serious run at Marvel. They’ve basically got the same plan in motion, hoping to create a cohesive DC universe. We don’t know if it’s all going to work out yet, but we know it’s happening, and that’s why we deserve a definitive close to this film. It doesn’t really need the sequel we’re all expecting. These two can meet up and handle any lingering difference in one of the Justice League flicks, or one of the many other planned films (tell me it wouldn’t be cool to see Aquaman attempt to break up a fight between Batman and Superman). Let’s avoid any cliffhangers and completely abolish the idea of a sequel. There’s enough room to handle business in future DC films, no doubt about it.