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‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #4’ Review

And finally we reach the conclusion to this captivating, half-horror, half-science-fiction piece. Thoroughly engaging from page one of issue one, I’m a bit bummed to see the mini-series come to a close. It’s been nothing short of magnetic and it’s successfully turned me into a certified Man-Thing fan.

In the final chapter of this tale a group of operatives head for the swamp. They work for AIM, the terrorist organization responsible for the disaster that inevitably led to the creation of Man-Thing, and they’re objective is to kill all remnants of the experiment. And Ellen Brandt still has her personal score to settle.

In the end, with the help of Jennifer the mercenaries have been disposed of, quite violently. And, as would be expected the final showdown sees Man-Thing and Ellen face off to bring their feud to a bloody end. Or, perhaps a closer conclusion? A morbid sense of intimacy as things are all… wrapped up and the swamp is back to being the swamp.

An amazing read from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that grips the attention and never lets go, and the attractive diversity of the artwork – wrapped by Nic Klein – make Man-Thing something of a special find. It offers no downtime, generates unlikely but loveable relationships and even reminds us that Mother Nature is to be cherished. Few books resonate as this one, which is why it earns high marks and endless recommendations!

Rating: 5/5


‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #3’ Review

Man-Thing just can’t catch a break. This guy wants some peace. Instead, he’s got a couple douche bags with cameras looking to catch the beast on film. Anything for a buck, eh? But, perhaps more important we see that Jennifer and her brother have continued nurturing their relationship with him, and they’re warning him of a group headed for him, for hunting purposes.

Eventually the hunters, the amateur film makers and a vicious crew hell bent on destroying the monster collide in a frantic display. But just as the violence seems to be reaching an end we see the return of an old nemesis of Man-Thing, Ellen Brandt, and she’s out for flesh and blood and bone and brain. And Man-Thing is the number one priority of this psycho.

At this point it feels a little bit repetitive, but it feels improper to continue heaping praise on Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, but by God the man is something special. And the loveable lunatic handling the artwork this time around happens to be Javier Saltares, a stud in his own right. Oh, and for the record, I’ve been depriving Nick Percival of his just dues. He works the “Digger Sequences” which are harrowing in image but gorgeous to the morbid mind. A fine touch to an even finer book!

Rating: 5/5


‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #2’ Review

Brian Denham steps in to handle the art for the second of four issues featuring the Man-Thing, and it must be said, he adds a completely new flare for the book. While Kano’s work in issue one was top notch, Denham’s work feels noticeably bleaker. This is grim, haunting imagery, no two ways about it. As for the story itself, fear not, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s still handling this, and he’s still bringing home the bacon, so to speak!

In issue number two we meet Jennifer Kale, a struggling young woman who raises her younger brother and pays the bills by dancing, under the seductive name Witch Woman. She doesn’t seem too proud of her current career, but it pays the bills. It also lands her in trouble.

Four lunatic ex-soldiers are spending their night at her place of employment. They peg her as their next victim, and when she exits the building, off the clock and bus-bound, she’s ambushed by these scumbags. Soon, she wakes in a room, in a shack out in the swamps. It doesn’t take a genius to guess what these freaks have in store for her. Well, maybe it does.

Before the men can rape her, Jennifer undergoes one hell of a transformation. She’s certainly more witch than stripper club patrons believe. She’s a full-on witch capable of convincing anyone that’s she’s anything, even monster. And she’s going to surprise these clowns in a terrifying way.

Not that it matters, these goons run smack dab into a true fate as they flee, running directly into Man-Thing, who offers no illusions, just brutality. And what of Man-Thing and Jennifer? There’s a bond being built here and I like where it’s headed.

Another top notch book. Brilliant characters, amazing artwork and ideas at work. This is a strong group here, and they’re giving Man-Thing the tale he deserves. More grade-A work!

Rating: 5/5


‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #1’ Review

Told in old school EC fashion, Dead of Night #1 features a cool caretaker who guides us through a gritty gnarly tale of deceptions and monstrosities.

Ted’s working on a serum, similar to a serum used in WWII, and his goal is to create a drug that will transform man into murderous soldier; the unstoppable machine. By his side is Ellen and Eric, sent to the same remote location to see him through his work. But when Ted discovers there are other plans in store for the serum he panics, and Ellen – his soon-to-be wife and Eric, turn on him in an instant. They don’t give a damn about the man, they just want the goods. They want riches, and now that Ted sees the true motivation behind the operation, he just wants out. Not going to happen… at least not with ease!

When Ellen shoots a fleeing Ted, he’s got no choice; if he hopes to survive, he’s going to have to ingest the serum. He sinks into the nearby swamp, and in one final act, downs the super soldier serum. Hours later, while Eric and Ellen search for something tangible to take back to AIM, the shady company they work for, Ted makes a return, and the two see exactly what’s become of his serum… the effects are… monstrous, to say the least.

Eric and Ellen are brutally killed. Eric, ripped to shreds, Ellen, mutilated beyond recognition. Once a fine scientific mind, Ted is now a full-blown monster of the swamp land.

Stellar work here from writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who tells a vintage tale with modern day bloody twists. And one can’t look beyond the gruesome artwork of Kano and the absolutely stunning coloring of Javier Rodriguez! Amazing, gripping book right here!

Rating: 5/5