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Joker’s Asylum #1: The Joker Review

A fine read if ever there was one, Joker’s Asylum 1: The Joker sees the titular character hijack a televised game show. As you would expect, if you lose the Joker’s game, you don’t go home empty handed, you go home in a body bag.

What separates this book from many others is the moral battle between two television techs. We bear witness to an awesome feud as these two share completely opposing views. On one hand we’ve got a heartless bastard of an exec who wants the Joker show to be televised, because it’s got viewership through the roof, and on the other side of this quarrel we’ve got a sensible woman who doesn’t care to see innocent human beings slaughtered

In a way, this relationship acts as a mirror to the relationship shared by the Joker and his longtime nemesis Batman. And that multi-layered story approach (there’s a superb twist to the tale, which I won’t spoil) is brilliant. Hats go off to Arvid Nelson, who pens this engrossing tale.

We never truly get an explosive battle between The Bat and The Joker, but it’s not necessary, and it’s now what this one is about. The first book in the Joker’s Asylum run is a social statement of the grandest kind, and if you read the book, thinking out each of the Joker’s steps, you may just find yourself feeling slightly appalled at all of us “normal” folk.

Again, nothing but respect Nelson, and Alex Sanchez gets a warm e-embrace from me, having crafted a schizophrenic image that fits the Joker to perfection.

This is must read material!

Rating: 4.5/5