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‘The Avengers #4’ Review – Captain America Joins The Avengers!

Growing up I was a fan of the Avengers, but not an uber loyal fan. If I missed a book I didn’t sweat it too much. But looking back, this is and always has been a mighty fine book. We get some of the greatest heroes in existence teaming up to kick a wide variety of rear-end. It’s fun. Captain America is a certified boss. Iron Man and Thor are handy to smash skulls. It’s just got a lot of really good things going for it, including the work of a much younger Stan Lee and the great Jack Kirby.

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‘Spectacular Spider-Man #4’ Review

I probably can’t stress how much I love this book. Half of the entire issue is spent entangled in a battle for supremacy. The Vulture, who’s been previously bested by Spider-man already, is back with an unbreakable will to destroy the spider. So he goes all out, and these two duke it out like certified studs, Spidey often losing key exchanges, the fight eventually ending in a draw if ever there were a draw.

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The Flash Volume 2 #4 Review

The worst case scenario unfolds in issue four, as that damned Kilg%re is still the focus. It’s a shame that Mike Baron stretched this particular arc beyond a single issue, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I made an attempt to let this one find a place in my heart, but I’m no more impressed by the second half of the story as I was the first. It’s simple not a strong story, and Kilg%re is just not an impressive villain.

This one joins the ranks of my least favorite Flash books.

Moving along.

Rating: 1/5

The Flash