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‘Justice League: Throne of Atlantis’ Remains One of the Greatest JL Stories Ever Told

Perhaps the most complex and intricate Justice League story I’ve ever personally read, Throne of Atlantis is loaded with war, internal conflicts, deception and a number of twists you don’t typically take in through this specific medium. It’s a fast-paced piece that reads and looks amazing (as for the looks, I’ll be delivering my review of the animated film in the immediate future), and if you’ve never been a big Justice League follower, reading this tale – especially the beautiful hardcover collection that includes a DVD as well as a Blu-ray of the film – might turn you into a dedicated follower of the League.

As for the story, I’ll be as vague as possible and tell you that a naval test goes awry and a series of missiles plummet towards the bottom of the ocean. And deep beneath the sea, the army of Atlantis takes the arrival of explosives as a clear ignition point of a war they will not stand by idly and watch, nor will they lose. But as Orn, evil brother to Aquaman, makes his way to the surface to bring hell to those who walk on dry land, pieces of a different puzzle are coming together, and they all point to an accidental war that is anything but accidental.


That’s all we can give you here, because believe this: you need to read this story. Geoff Johns’ epic tale is beautifully illustrations by Ivan Reis, Paul Pelletier, Tony S. Daniel and Brad Walker. All keep the look of the story cohesive, and all gift us some stunning background visuals. The characters themselves don’t always exist as the star of the show, although I must say I’ve never seen Orn look so menacing and intimidating. This story really gives readers an idea of how sharp, savage and downright entertaining Orn is. This is one severely underrated villain, for sure.

If you’re looking for an excellent storyline to hold your attention for a few hours, get your hands on the stunning hardcover/disc combo. It’s a must-have. It was a gift given to me for my 35th birthday, and I was more than pleased by the gift, I was certifiably stoked. And it all lived up to expectations. Throne of Atlantis makes for a marvelous book and an action-packed, gratifying film, as well!

Rating: 4.5/5

Dark Horse Preparing to Deliver Tree Mail in November

Looking for a fine family read? Dark Horse will be taking care of you this coming cold season, as Mike Raicht and Brian Smith’s graphic novel, Tree Man will land on stands this coming November. We’re juiced, and you should be, too!

Dig on some more info from the official press release:

From the creative team behind Finding Nemo: Losing Dory comes Tree Mail and the world of Rudy.


“This book has been something Brian and I have been wanting to work on together for years,” says Mike Raicht. “If you’ve ever been an underdog, or had an impossible dream that was just too big for the world around you to contain, then Rudy the Tree Frog is the story for you.”


Rudy—a determined, optimistic frog—hopes to overcome the odds and land his dream job delivering mail to the other animals on Popomoko Island! Mike Raicht and Brian Smith deliver a full-color, all-ages romp that shows that the hopeful Rudy always hops forward, no matter what obstacle seems to be in the way of his dreams. And there are plenty of speed bumps, challenges, and detours on the way to becoming a full-time member in the island’s Royal Air Delivery Corps!


“I think he can inspire people young, old, and in between to chase their dreams and to truly become who they were meant to be, no matter what they’ve been told they’re ‘supposed’ to be,” says Brian Smith. “I think that is what Rudy and his adventures are all about. Becoming more than those around us, and maybe even we ourselves, believe is possible.”


The acclaimed creative team delivers a full, standalone adventure for all fans!


Tree Mail arrives on November 2.  Preorder your copy today at your local comic book store or favorite retailer.



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Kim W. Andersson’s ‘Alena’ is Coming to Dark Horse!

If you’re looking for another slick title to add to your collection, Dark Horse has you covered with the critically acclaimed Alena, the masterpiece from Kim W. Andersson. Read on for the scoop!

From the Press Release:

Kim W. Andersson is making waves in the international comics and film community. His original Swedish graphic novel Alena was adapted into a feature-length film in Sweden that just received a critically acclaimed US debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016. Now the graphic novel will see full US distribution through Dark Horse Comics.

Alena’s life is a living hell. Since she arrived at a snobbish boarding school, she’s been harassed every day by Philippa and the girls on the lacrosse team. But Alena’s best friend Josephine is not going to accept that anymore.

Not from the counselor or the principal, not from Philippa, and not from anyone else at that horrid school. If Alena does not fight back, then Josephine will take matters into her own hands.

There’s just one problem . . . Josephine has been dead for a year.

Author and artist Kim W. Andersson (The Complete Love Hurts) is the winner of the Swedish Comics Academy’s Adamson statue—Sweden’s most prestigious comics award—and a creator to watch in the coming year.

Alena Graphic Novel