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Check Out the Eisner Award Winners!

You walk away with an Eisner Award, and it says something very straight-forward: you are one talented SOB. Given the lofty level of competition across virtually every category, the level at which you are performing professionally is a few strides beyond exceptional.

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Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 Review

James Stokoe’s Aliens: Dead Orbit sees a sizable vessel discover an unresponsive ship floating in the depths of space. As we’ve seen in prior Aliens books, the active crew decides to board the ghost ship and see if they can’t find any survivors. And they do, but the discovery is essentially made in vain, as an electronic mishap leaves three survivors burning inside their sleep pods. Unfortunately for our would-be heroes, an alien lifeform is quickly discovered, and as the first issue comes to a cliffhanger halt, these nasties lifeforms make their presence known in bloody fashion.

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‘Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens #2’ Review

Remember that evil scientist we just discussed in my review of issue numero uno? Well, he’s taken his devious ways a step further: he’s mutating children and turning them into human/animal hybrids. This dude is bad news, and you know damn well Judge Dredd knows it!

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‘Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens #1’ Review

A handful of Predators, Judge Dredd himself and some nasty aliens all find themselves in hostile rural territory. We already know that the gung-ho Judge Dredd plans on trekking into the rugged terrain to investigate. But inside those secluded wooded areas something sinister brews. Evil scientists, man-hunting animals, and a new threat altogether is going to give Dredd all he can handle.

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