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Aliens: Dead Orbit #2 Review

The second issue of James Stokoe’s interesting Aliens: Dead Orbit sees our rescue crew working to keep the three mutilated individuals introduced in issue one alive. They’re grotesqueries to look at, and it seems a little unlikely that any one of the three would even care to survive, looking like they look, but they’re crucial to the story, as they inadvertently bring the focal crew face-to-face with the dreaded Xenomorphs.

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Underrated Storylines: ‘Green Lantern Versus Aliens’

I like crossover stories quite a bit, and the Alien was a creature to tangle with a great deal of unexpected foes. One of those encounters, their battle with Kyle Rayner, at one point the last of the Green Lantern Corps, still to this day goes terribly overlooked by many. Kyle Rayner is my favorite Green Lantern in history (he elevated the Green Lantern book from a stale dust collector to a bona fide second-life hit in the ‘90s), and I haven’t seen a single Alien film that I didn’t enjoy to some degree, and the comics have been pretty damn consistent for decades now. Bringing the two together was a brilliant decision.

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‘Harrow County #10’ Review

Things are relatively quiet in Harrow County. But the serenity that can be found here is on the cusp of falling apart, and we see the signals coming the moment we see a menacing black water moccasin turn its attention on old Uncle Early. That fateful encounter alone sets a new conflict in motion. It’s a conflict that will lead us directly into the clutches of the mysterious and intimidating old coot, Lady Lovey.

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Get ‘Briggs Land: State of Grace’ Now!

Brian Wood and Mack Chater’s Briggs Land has proven to be a big hit for Dark Horse Comics, and there’s good reason for that. It’s a stellar work that all comic addicts should be reading (and re-reading), but if you missed this one upon initial arrival, fear not: Dark Horse has you covered with an awesome TPB!

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Get Your Mitts on Dark Horse’s Predator: Hunters #1 Right Now!

Dark Horse Comics has managed to consistently hit homeruns with the Predator franchise, and we’re all lucky for that. These books are amazing, and another is now waiting for us to snatch it up. Predator: Hunters #1 looks absolutely awesome!

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Bill Morrison and Tone Rodriguez ‘Dead Vengeance’ Review

We’re jumping right back into another Dark Horse book, and it’s another homerun. This piece, unlike most murder mysteries, takes place across a lengthy stretch of time (from 1930 to 1940), which leaves the story’s protagonist left with countless holes and a wealth of time to be filled in before he can figure out precisely why he’s suddenly woken in 1940 after being trapped in a large vat of formaldehyde for a decade.

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Mike Richardson and Gabriel Guzman’s ‘Echoes’ is Absolutely Masterful

When it comes to the strange, dark world of fiction, Dark Horse Comics is one of the few publishers out there that constantly impress and constantly work at expanding and offering new refreshing titles. I missed the first initial run of Dark Horse’s mystery piece, Echoes, but I had the chance to catch up this morning, and I’ve got to say, I started my day on a high note.

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‘American Gods #1’ and ‘Dead Inside #4’ Lead the Dark Horse Charge This Week

There are some stellar books seeing release by Dark Horse this week, so you should be preparing to dip into the wallet. Among the standout new arrivals are American Gods #1 and Dead Inside #4.

Here’s the scoop on each book:

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‘Weird Detective #1’ Review

Fred Van Lent is one of hell of a writer, and as it just so happens, Guiu Vilanova is an excellent artist. Together these two deliver an absolutely unmissable story: Weird Detective. If crime noir, bleak horror and Lovecraft influence is a mixture you can wrap your head around, you may actually fall in love with this book.

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