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Throwback Superhero Cartoon of the Day: Spider-man Season 2 Episode 1 (1967)!

A week from Hell shut me down for a few days, which means you’ve been missing your daily old school cartoon. Worry not – we’ve got you covered on this rainy Saturday. Below is a look at the first episode of the 1967 superhero cartoon, Spiderman, season two.

It’s a keeper!

Throwback Superhero Cartoon of the Day: 2 Hour Mega Block of Captain America (1966)!

Who doesn’t love Captain America?

This super-powered cultural icon has never been hotter. With a new flick headed our way, in addition to the slew of other Marvel movies featuring this not-quite-naturally-born leader, everyone is talking about the ‘Cap. He’s arguably the coolest Avenger in existence, his books have long been fan favorites, and once upon a time, way back in 1966, he was the star of his own original cartoon.

Check out an awesome collection of the first seven episodes below. This is a slick two hour vid that’ll you admiring the All American Hero, no doubt about it!

Throwback Superhero Cartoon of the Day: Prince Namor the Submariner #10

Namor fans will likely agree that this gent rarely gets the respect he deserves. That’s certainly how we feel, which is exactly why we’ve chosen to put Namor in the spotlight for today’s throwback cartoon of the day.

Check it out below, it’s pretty friggin’ awesome!