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Batman: The Top 15 Villains

Batman is no youngster. In fact, the guy’s now north of 75. How in the world does the guy maintain his youth and sexual appeal? I’m fairly convinced Bruce Wayne wouldn’t have half the women falling over him that he has now if he was balding, overweight and grumpy. But he’s none of those things, he’s a near-80 year old man that looks not one day over 30. Impressive, Bats – send some of your beauty tips my way – this Oil of Olay isn’t cutting it!

Even despite his status as a senior citizen, Batman has been battling some of the nastiest villains to ever land in a comic book. And somehow, he just about always emerges victorious. Impressive stuff, especially when you frequently tangle with the 15 terrors you’ll find listed below!

15 Victor Zsasz


No doubt the least appreciated villain on this entire list, Victor Zsasz could easily be called the closest thing to a “real life” villain. He doesn’t have any wild superpowers and he doesn’t have any fancy getup. What he’s got is a ton of scars, each representing a life he’s taken, and some mean martial arts skills. Someone needs to nurture this character, in a major way.

14 Joker’s Daughter

Joker's Daughter

One of Batman’s newest foes, Joker’s Daughter may be every bit the loon that her father is. She’s a cold blooded killer, and it doesn’t matter who the victim is. She’s just a nutty, homicidal broad who can even be seen “wearing” her daddy’s face. Horrific. Creepy. Makes Harley Quinn look like a contestant on Cupcake Wars.

13 Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is the one zombie you never, under any circumstances want to run into. He’s got vengeance on his mind, and that takes up most of it, as he isn’t much of a thinker. He is huge and powerful, though, and he’s well-suited to crush Batman if he can catch him off guard.

12 Hugo Strange


Huge Strange is a brilliant mind. So brilliant in fact, he’s capable of manipulating and modifying all those who would happily kill for a chance to destroy the Batman. Slightly underrated, Strange deserves a lot more page time than he gets.

11 Killer Croc

Killer Croc

Let’s be real here, the chances of Batman toppling Killer Croc should be profoundly slim. The dude is a massive half-crocodile with razor sharp teeth and the ability to hurl humans around like empty beer bottles. He’s that strong, he’s that mean and he remains one of Batman’s baddest foes!

10 Catwoman


Seduction, stealth and manipulation. These are the things going for Catwoman, who, if she tried hard enough could probably get old Bruce to slide those duds off in a hurry. It’s just too bad she’s a theif… I hate thieves, probably as much as Batman does!

09 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

This botanical beauty has the ability to control all plant life, which means if she feels compelled to leave Bats entangled in some actual poison ivy, he’s not only going to itch like a madman, he’s going to be mighty angered by succumbing defeat to a leaf or so.

08 Ra’s al Ghul

Ra's al Ghul

This uber talented terrorist leads the League of Assassins, but he’s such a gnarly assassin himself it probably isn’t needed. He’s got what it takes to run a one man show, despite the fact that he desperately wants to see Batman serve as his successor. It’s time to… well, you know – clean up Gotham!

07 The Riddler

The Riddler

One of Batman’s oldest foes, Edward Nygma took his criminal desires to alarming heights over the years. He’s been aiming to stump Batman since 1948, and from time to time he comes awfully close. Although, when all is said and done, The Riddler is a bit of a pipsqueak, and he’s not much of a challenge for the Bat when toeing the line.

06 Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

A longtime fan of Freeze, I can’t just let one simple fact slip away without mention: Warm this guy up and he’s done, a melted puddle. But, the former scientist is tricky and he’s concocted some wicked weapons to help ensure Batman never has a chance to turn the temperature up.

05 The Penguin

The Penguin

Crime boss Oswald Cobblepot doesn’t have a lot of physical gifts with which to hone in order to track down and slay the bat, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have some insanely cool and very, very dangerous umbrellas on hand. I’d love to get a peek in his closet, just to see how many of those slick concoctions he’s got stored away.

04 Scarecrow


Jonathan Crane is yet another villain to work in the scientific field. Instead of making medical advancements, he’s opted to craft a fear toxin that terrifies his opponents, paralyzing them with the vilest hallucinations one could imagine. Once in that state of panic, Scarecrow is free to have his way.

03 Two-Face

Two Face

Poor Harvey Dent. Once a thriving district attorney, a run in with Sal Maroni altered his life trajectory to a great degree. Dent’s no longer a good guy. Half of his visage has been melted away to horror status, while the other side looks just fine. The encounter with Maroni however, left his psyche, all 100-percent of it, twisted and contorted, and this once heroic character is now a man who decides his victim’s fate with a flip of a coin. I guess everyone’s got a 50/50 chance at walking away from this guy, right?

02 Bane


Bane is basically a walking poster boy for steroids. Once a respected luchador, Bane is now a chemically enhanced monster who happens to get a kick out of breaking people. Just ask Bruce Wayne, the poor fellow had his back broken by this hulking menace.

01 Joker


Ah, the Batman’s truest nemesis. The Joker was introduced in 1940 and he’s been giving Bruce Wayne hell from the start. He’s deceptively intelligent, very handy with his murderous gadgets, and he’s certifiably insane, to top it all off. The Joker has been a key element in some of Batman’s greatest showdowns, but one must wonder: how long before the Joker’s Daughter steals a bit of papi’s shine?

Did we miss one of your favorite Batman villains? Let us know in the comment section below!

Deadpool and The 10 Greatest Comic Book Movies in History

Seeing as Deadpool is still a pretty new release, I don’t want to hit you with too many spoilers. But I will tell you that Ryan Reynolds was most certainly born to play the role of Wade Wilson AKA merc extraordinaire, Deadpool. This isn’t just action packed, it pulls no punches in regards to intensity, hurling about obscenities and engaging in intense violence like it’s all good for our health. And Deadpool, let me tell you, is one funny dude. You think his punchlines work wonders on page? Wait until you hear them on screen, delivered with spunk and edge.

Yes, Deadpool is an excellent comic book adaptation. And, after another watch or two, the movie just might crawl its way into my top 10. Right now the decision to include it feels a little premature. Deadpool hasn’t yet passed the longevity test, though I see no reason why it won’t live on in my memory and earn a place in my collection.

It’s an awesome flick. But these are 10 more awesome flicks, each more than worthy of elite branding.

10 Hellboy: Easily one of the most underrated comic book adaptations in existence, Guillermo del Toro did Mike Mignola’s brilliant creation justice like no other could have. This one is loaded with action, jaw dropping visuals and wicked creature designs, but at the end of the day it’s Hellboy’s (Ron Perlman) charisma that carries the flick. Insanely good comic adaptation.

09 Batman: Michael Keaton always felt like the greatest Batman, until Christian Bale came along and stole the franchise show. But that can’t erase Keaton’s success, and it doesn’t change the fact that Tim Burton’s gloomy take on the discreet crusader of Gotham City was excellent. It was the first time that Batman took to the screen as a genuinely dark character, and it isn’t going to forgotten anytime soon.

08 Superman IV: The first Superman film to feature Christopher Reeves in the titular role was great. It was memorable to say the least, and the second movie rocked thanks to General Zod’s presence. But Part IV was the one that truly pulled the hearts out of the chests of fans. It featured Superman in his first lengthy one-on-one superhuman showdown. Nuclear Man rocked, Lex Luthor was fantastic (thanks to Gene Hackman), and Superman duked it out like never before. A great film, despite the flaws.

07 30 Days of Night: I told you Hellboy was underrated? This is the one comic book adaptation that trumps it in the neglect department. I think a bit part of that comes in the fact that a surpring amount of fans don’t realize the story is based on a comic book. No matter, really, as 30 Days of Night was a special film that represented comic books and the horror genre in dazzling fashion. It’s creative, it’s intense and it’s aesthetically genius! And come on, holy hell at those disturbingly graphic decapitations!!

06 Guardians of the Galaxy: As a child, Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t a book I read. It wasn’t a book my friends read. To be honest, I don’t even recall seeing the book on any shelf. In short, I didn’t know these characters existed. But, in one swift motion James Gunn changed the game and made character like Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket loveable and memorable. The comedy is thick, the action is insane and the movie looks absolutely stellar.

05 300: Another picture that many fail to realize was a comic long before it was a film, Zack Snyder’s visual telling of Frank Miller’s sprawling war epic, 300 turned everyone’s head. Never has CGI looked so remarkable and clean. The image is absurdly convincing, the war is an awe inspiring spectacle, there’re cool monsters and the heroic Spartans elicit true excitement. Gerard Butler was born to play the role of Leonidas and that serves as a major piece of the puzzle that ultimately pushes this one into the realm of mastery.

04 X-Men 2: Still, in my humble opinion, X2 is the finest X-Men film to see release. The truth is, every film in the franchise, sans the third, is a top notch effort But X2 gave us exactly the kind of X-Men movie we needed. The Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike war is one of the greatest moments of combat in the entire series of films, which alone ensures this one ranks high. Especially high – as a diehard fan – on this particular list.

03 Spider-Man 2: Some will tell you that Sam Raimi is finest during his moments entangled in Ash Williams’ world. It’s hard to argue against that, but if you’re going to select one pic to rival his Evil Dead/Army of Darkness work, it’s Spider-man 2. While the Green Goblin was an awesome, awesome villain (and still one of my favorite Spidey villains), Doc Ock made for a much more enthralling villain on screen. Of all three of Raimi’s films, the second is most certainly the finest, bringing the action level to its edgiest degree, and keeping the romance just far enough in the background as to not swallow the story, Spider-man was one of the first truly excellent comic book movies.

02 The Avengers: The Avengers was bound to be a slick picture. In fact, it almost had to be. There was no possible way that Marvel or Paramount would risk this one being anything other than a grand slam. Bringing together Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye was just a stunning feat that may never be surpassed in any cinematic stance. We get a conflict worth thinking about and some of the most epic action to ever grace the screen, comic flick or otherwise. I don’t want to gush too much, and Avengers gives us a dozen or so reasons to do just that, but this one definitely earns the nukber two position.

01 Batman Begin/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises: Some will see this as cheating and some will side with me. See, not only did I have trouble ranking each film in the Dark Knight trilogy related to other films, I had trouble rating the franchise itself. Batman Begins gave us a Batman we’d never seen. Dark Knight gave us the strongest performance in the history of the Batman/Gotham universe (God rest Heath Ledger’s soul) and The Dark Knight Rises saw the on screen birth of the first baddie to genuinely destroy the Batman, Bane. All three are ridiculously well-crafted and mesmerizing movies and they all stand among the greatest films ever made. Therefore, they all get the number one slot!

Got a favorite we failed to include? Let us know!