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‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #4’ Review

And finally we reach the conclusion to this captivating, half-horror, half-science-fiction piece. Thoroughly engaging from page one of issue one, I’m a bit bummed to see the mini-series come to a close. It’s been nothing short of magnetic and it’s successfully turned me into a certified Man-Thing fan.

In the final chapter of this tale a group of operatives head for the swamp. They work for AIM, the terrorist organization responsible for the disaster that inevitably led to the creation of Man-Thing, and they’re objective is to kill all remnants of the experiment. And Ellen Brandt still has her personal score to settle.

In the end, with the help of Jennifer the mercenaries have been disposed of, quite violently. And, as would be expected the final showdown sees Man-Thing and Ellen face off to bring their feud to a bloody end. Or, perhaps a closer conclusion? A morbid sense of intimacy as things are all… wrapped up and the swamp is back to being the swamp.

An amazing read from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that grips the attention and never lets go, and the attractive diversity of the artwork – wrapped by Nic Klein – make Man-Thing something of a special find. It offers no downtime, generates unlikely but loveable relationships and even reminds us that Mother Nature is to be cherished. Few books resonate as this one, which is why it earns high marks and endless recommendations!

Rating: 5/5