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‘Dead of Night: Featuring Man-Thing #3’ Review

Man-Thing just can’t catch a break. This guy wants some peace. Instead, he’s got a couple douche bags with cameras looking to catch the beast on film. Anything for a buck, eh? But, perhaps more important we see that Jennifer and her brother have continued nurturing their relationship with him, and they’re warning him of a group headed for him, for hunting purposes.

Eventually the hunters, the amateur film makers and a vicious crew hell bent on destroying the monster collide in a frantic display. But just as the violence seems to be reaching an end we see the return of an old nemesis of Man-Thing, Ellen Brandt, and she’s out for flesh and blood and bone and brain. And Man-Thing is the number one priority of this psycho.

At this point it feels a little bit repetitive, but it feels improper to continue heaping praise on Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, but by God the man is something special. And the loveable lunatic handling the artwork this time around happens to be Javier Saltares, a stud in his own right. Oh, and for the record, I’ve been depriving Nick Percival of his just dues. He works the “Digger Sequences” which are harrowing in image but gorgeous to the morbid mind. A fine touch to an even finer book!

Rating: 5/5