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The Flash Volume 2 #7 Review

The seventh issue of The Flash proves to be a bit surprising, as we’re still wrapped up in the Speed Demon’s story, but we’re also introduced to a brand new menace. This is a smart way to continue a single arc while merging it with another, and the creative team behind this particular series seems prepared to bring a vast story to readers.

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The Flash Volume 2 #6 Review

I may have missed it, but Tina’s husband seemed to be lacking any kind of a moniker in the fifth issue of The Flash, but as the cover reveals, he’s been labeled the Speed Demon for issue six. It’s a name that works well for what is pretty much an unheralded comic character; prior to issue five of The Flash I’d never heard of this villain. Ever. Now I know him, and I admit, his backstory is kind of cool, and he’s a despicable enough character to spark a desire to see him get completely starched by Flash. We’ll see if that’s in the cards this issue.

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The Flash Volume 2 #4 Review

The worst case scenario unfolds in issue four, as that damned Kilg%re is still the focus. It’s a shame that Mike Baron stretched this particular arc beyond a single issue, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I made an attempt to let this one find a place in my heart, but I’m no more impressed by the second half of the story as I was the first. It’s simple not a strong story, and Kilg%re is just not an impressive villain.

This one joins the ranks of my least favorite Flash books.

Moving along.

Rating: 1/5

The Flash

The Flash Volume 2 #2 Review

You know it’s going to be a good book when the creative team slips in a slick tribute to The Wachmen. We get that little goodie just a page or two into the book, after we pick up on the showdown between The Flash and Vandal Savage, who are working to figure each other out more than slaughter one another, initially.

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