Mr. Crypt #1

Alterna Comics Adds ‘Mr. Crypt’ to the Lineup

Alterna Comics is a new discovery for me, but they’ve got a slick looking lineup of books that I’m excited to explore in the near future. Chief among the books to pique my curiosity is Mr. Crypt, a promising little piece crafted by Troy Vevasis and Aleksandar Jovic.

The first of three issues will be available in September.

Here’s a little more 411 from the official press release:

“Mr. Crypt is a truly fun comic and it’s great for kids, especially at a $1.50 price point.  I’m proud of the fact that we offer exciting all ages titles at Alterna such as ADAM WRECK, AMAZING AGE, LILITH DARK, and CYKO KO as well as titles that are geared more towards teens and adults like MOTHER RUSSIA, THE CHAIR, TRESPASSER, SCRIMSHAW, and CROAK. I feel strongly that it’s important to be able to have great comics for kids, even at an indie level.”, states publisher Peter Simeti.

Joining the well-received Alterna Comics newsprint line, Mr. Crypt #1 of 3 (JUL171327) is currently in the July Previews catalog alongside CYKO KO: A comic book adventure you can color (JUL171325); ADAM WRECK #3 of 3 (JUL171322); AMAZING AGE #3 of 5 (JUL171323); CROAK #3 of 3 (JUL171324); and LILITH DARK #3 of 4 (JUL171326).

Since we’re being introduced to Alterna for the first time, we thought we’d give you all a look at not just the cover of Mr. Crypt #1, but Cyko KO: A comic book adventure you can color, Adam Wreck #3, Amazing Age #3, Croak #3 and Lilith Dark #3.

Mr. Crypt #1

Be sure to swing by Alterna’s site now, they’ve got an awesome page that just might inspire a purchase!


Who’s that suit-wearing living skeleton with a heart of gold? It’s Mr. Crypt, that’s who! Using a mustache and top hat for a disguise, can Mr. Crypt and his friendly pet rat win over the local villagers and make the best of a bad situation?


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