Harrow County #10 comic cover

‘Harrow County #10’ Review

Things are relatively quiet in Harrow County. But the serenity that can be found here is on the cusp of falling apart, and we see the signals coming the moment we see a menacing black water moccasin turn its attention on old Uncle Early. That fateful encounter alone sets a new conflict in motion. It’s a conflict that will lead us directly into the clutches of the mysterious and intimidating old coot, Lady Lovey.

Every issue of Harrow County has proven impressive. That’s a remarkable feat, even if the series is still relatively young. You just don’t see writers or artists who never have a bad day. But Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook are changing the game, batting a thousand in the process.

Bunn’s storylines are captivating, and he knows exactly how to draw the audience in. What’s even more impressive is that he knows the perfect moments to sink his hooks in with big twists and successful cliffhangers. But Bunn can’t run this particular ship alone.

Tyler Crook’s artwork is so unique that he feels like a crucial piece of the puzzle. The throwback smooth lines work perfectly against the misleading feeling of comfort that the small-town community generates. Visually speaking, those two aspects make for perfect dance partners, and Crook exploits the massive story influence his style presents. Bunn is the better writer for it, and we’re mighty lucky to be afforded a book of this caliber.

If you’re still sleeping on Harrow County, you’re making a major mistake.

Rating: 5/5

Harrow County #10 comic cover

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