Hack/Slash vs Chucky

Hack/Slash vs. Chucky is Bloody Insane (Review)

I don’t think I’ve ever read a Hack/Slash book I’ve been disappointed in. The same can be said of the Chucky books I’ve managed to get my hands on. They make for great reads, and the potential for insanity is all the greater in this wonderful medium. What’s not to love, really?

Devil’s Due gives us a treat here, as not only do Cassie and Chucky team up to tangle with some wild Voodoo bastards, they also get down to the inevitable one-on-one tussle. It’s a fun read. Chucky delivers the zingers, Cassie battles the odds, Vlad bumbles his way through the action (in a different body, this time around). Everything you’d expect from this kind of collision, you get. And it’s all rewarding. Tim Seeley is still razor sharp, giving us a blast of a mix of familiar tropes and unexpected decisions. It works well.

Matt Merhoff’s artwork is great, and if you’re going to see anyone draw Chucky, I think that’s the right pick. It’s a very good fit.

If I’m going to look to find something to complain about, it’s the length of the book. Just let this story roll for a bit. I understand that it’s a costly thing putting out a sizable trade, but damn if I wouldn’t have loved a separation between Hack and Chuck and a murder-filled highway pursuit to boot. There are just a lot of cool ideas I think could be exercised here that it… well, it sucked that the book ended.

I guess at the end of the day, that says something very positive about the book.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hack/Slash vs Chucky

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