Dead Vengeance Hardcover

Bill Morrison and Tone Rodriguez ‘Dead Vengeance’ Review

We’re jumping right back into another Dark Horse book, and it’s another homerun. This piece, unlike most murder mysteries, takes place across a lengthy stretch of time (from 1930 to 1940), which leaves the story’s protagonist left with countless holes and a wealth of time to be filled in before he can figure out precisely why he’s suddenly woken in 1940 after being trapped in a large vat of formaldehyde for a decade.

But let’s hit rewind just a brief moment to paint a little bit more of the backstory, without spoiling any major plot peaks…

When a hot shot disc jockey launches a self-designed attack at the crooked criminal behavior that’s left many a citizen in a shady place. And, has always been the case, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. But I don’t want to spend an hour discussing the details of Johnny Dover’s downfall. Ultimately he took a stand for what he believed in, and crooked law enforcements, DAs and mob figures joined forces to eliminate the man. But, while he was indeed killed, the supernatural elements of the story aren’t eager to let him rest. Dover returns, and he’s mad as hell and out for vengeance!

Alright, you’ve got more than enough 411 to aid you in deciding if you’re going to pursue this book, although I’d strongly suggest you do. Bill Morrison’s story is excellent, as he laces his dark murder mystery in pure pulp noir, all the while injecting a genuinely compelling approach to the age-old zombie story. But don’t look for many tropes. Rather, enjoy the magical B-movie vibe of the book, which also happens to be just a little campy, a little creepy, and 100-percent magnetic.

You’ve got to read this book.

Order it here, like yesterday!

Rating: 5/5

Dead Vengeance Hardcover

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