John Crpenter Comics

John Carpenter Returns with a Brand New Comic this Summer!

While he won’t be jumping behind the cameras, as we all wish he would, John Carpenter is still very heavily involved in horror. He’s an established and respected musician. He’s said to have wizard-like skills that he applies while gaming for hours on end. He’s also written some awesome comics along the way, and he’s doing it again. John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction is the legend’s latest project, and you’ll be able to pick it up on July 26th.

The book is formatted as an anthology, so we should get an extra hint of nostalgia from the book but nostalgia or no nostalgia, if John Carpenter is involved in this beast, then you can bet we freaks of the world will be involved in purchasing and reading!

The first three-issue arc will be known as “VAULT” and was written by James Ninness with art by Andres Esparza.

Check out the book’s trailer right here!


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