‘Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1’ Review

How could we not review this?

Two of the greatest… well, five of the greatest heroes to ever land within the pages of a comic book together to kick… well, nothing yet, really.

Issue one opens with a look at the turtles initially. As is customary, Michelangelo is goofing off and Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo linger somewhere between amused and annoyed. As for Mikey, he’s just doing his thing, riding the superhero wave and all… he is vengeance, that good stuff.

Elsewhere Batman deals with Two-Face before eventually learning that some form of portal has opened up, and before we know it the villains of Gotham City are popping up on turtle turf. A fair share, at that, including a pair of extremely familiar faces.

The episode ends before Batman makes his way to the portal, but he’s just about there as the issue ends, so you can bet your rear end that issue two will truly bring these two protagonistic forces of nature together to battle the scumbags who’ve escaped from Arkham Asylum and those who love to trouble the turtles. Who knows, maybe even Shredder will pop up.

Great comedy up to this point and an awesome blend of villains being brought into the story. Each character is nailed perfectly by the immensely talented Matthew K. Manning, while the aesthetic value of the book is off is light-hearted but off the charts thanks to the skills of artist Jon Sommariva. Great duo, and they’re already having a good time with this one.

I suspect that younger readers won’t make up the bulk of the fanbase. The demo could be crazy for this one. As a nearing-40 old man, it’s a blast of a read that allows for fun, but downtime for the brain, which is greatly needed after what feels like an endless and stress-heavy day.

Order the book here.

Rating: 4/5

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