‘Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21’ (Review) Wedding of Peter and Mary Jane

This is an amazing book stuffed with so many ups and downs it is unreal. Spidey rocks his black suit for the issue, Electro makes an appearance and he does a fine job of testing Spider-Man’s skills. There are explosions, structure destruction, good old hand to hand combat – we get a little bit of everything, and that’s just in the first few pages.

The book takes a radical turn after some butt-kicking, and we’re soon taking a look at a man handling last minute duties and fulfilling obligations before tying the knot. That means some downtime, although we do get a soft moment from J. Jonah Jameson, and that’s pretty cool, seeing as it’s happened about three times in the old booger’s life.

We even get a brief recap of Spider-Man’s origin in the book, which comes as a surprise. What doesn’t come as a surprise is the underlying doubt about his marriage to Mary Jane. I wouldn’t say he has cold feet, but he’s definitely doing a lot of thinking on past and future. And interestingly enough, Mary Jane seems to be spending a lot of time with other men.

Will a ceremony actually see completion?

As Mary Jane seems to be growing distant, Peter all but shuts himself down. He’s been thinking about Gwen, he’s been thinking about the jealousy he’s been experiencing, and he’s thinking of being with Mary Jane and only Mary Jane for the rest of his life. To say he’s beginning to freak out a bit is a big .

Eventually both Peter and Mary Jane come to realize that they belong together, and after holding up the wedding these two eventually say “I do” in a pleasant little ceremony. It was a great idea to leave readers wondering if one would slide out of dodge of this unity, but it was of course far more fitting that Pete and MJ end up together. It always did feel inevitable!

Rating: 4/5

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