‘Khaal #1′ (Review)

In a space age dystopian hell, one man rules an entire body of the living. Those trapped on the prison ship, Empyreon are slaves to an all-powerful and profoundly ruthless leader known as Khaal. He is, for lack of a better term, a tyrant, and there is no escaping him for the prison Empyreon is the only existing ship in the galaxy.

But Khaal may have problems in his future, as not every inhabitant of Empyreon is keen on his methods of leadership. Can those who ride the outskirts of this prison, hungry for something closer to freedom overthrow the mighty ruler?

That’s a question to be answered within the pages of Khaal: The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor. In fact, I’ve bordered on spoiler content in just the first two pages of this review, and that stops now.

The book, written by Louis, and illustrated by Valentin Secher is pure beauty. Delphine Rieu provides amazing colors, and the grandiose landscapes are legitimately beautiful. In regards to aesthetic presentation, few books rival the beauty of Khaal.

Now, having said that, the first issue of this extremely promising Titan release, does feel a little crowded. There are more than a single subplot that feels very clearly relevant, but I can’t help but wonder if those subplots might have been better suited stretched through a few books; if you’re distracted at all while reading this book, there’s a real likelihood that you’ll miss important story points. So, wipe your mental chalkboard clean before you jump into this story.

Thus far, there are a number of memorable characters, but none so memorable as the dominant Khaal. He’s an intriguing character, because while he is indeed a villain of sorts, there’s something pure within his intentions, whether minor or not. And the truth is, it’s Khaal who is going to lure readers back for a second issue.

A powerful, busy read with some of the most beautiful imagery you’ll find in a comic today, Khaal is an extreme winner for Titan Comics, and if you’re after stunning artwork and intricate narratives, you’ll be wise to seek this book out. It far surpasses the term ‘winner.’

Order it here.

Rating: 4.5/5


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