‘Birthright’ Volume 1: Homecoming (Review)

Little Mikey is just playing ball with his old man. It’s a slick way to keep the boy distracted while mom stayed back at home and prepared his big birthday bash. But it doesn’t look as though Mikey’s going to be enjoying that party… as he’s gone – poof – completely missing. So begins a tale of adventure, mystery, terror and familial love.

Personal note: I’m aching to see what scribe Joshua Williamson will craft for readers in this critically acclaimed book.

The townsfolk are none to kind to Mikey’s father, who they’ve all but branded a killer. It’s generating powerful strain in the household, but this family fights on, determined to not give up on their son.

But somehow, things get darker. A year passes and Mikey’s brother Brennan is still posting fliers everywhere possible. He hasn’t given up hope, but Brennan’s peers have happily turned such a horrifying situation into an open forum to accuse a distraught father of murdering a boy he loved dearly. It’s all quite extreme, and depressing… here’s hoping there’s a light at the end of this tunnel.

The spiral only spins deeper, as we learn that the boys’ father has turned to drinking. He’s a full=fledged alcoholic, and sadly, Wendy, his wife, has also filed for divorce. The very look of her husband ignites a rage within her, and while it’s easy to loathe someone like mommy dearest here, it’s also important to view things from her perspective. She too has lost an awful lot over the past year.

Out of the blue the investigation into Mikey’s disappearance makes a strange and unfathomable turn. Sitting in the local police station being question is a man in his 30s, clad in armor of some sort. And according to him, he’s been busy battling all sorts of creatures, dragons included.

And then Mike’s father sees the man. And he knows: somehow he’s looking at the grown version, hardened by war, of his son who went missing one year ago. Things become – if it is even possible – even stranger when we learn that the mysterious stranger is being manipulated by an evil presence that cannot be seen by those around him; only Mike sees this beast.

According to Mike he has a new mission on earth, and if he fails this mission, a gateway between earth and Terrenos – the planet in which he’s been sharpening his steel, figuratively and literally, will remain open, and humans will have no chance in a war with vicious monsters.

At this point, I’ve just got to make some noise for Williamson, who is penning one of the most outrageous yet appealing tales I’ve had the fortune of reading in recent years.

All hell breaks loose and Mike makes a successful mistake. He absolutely shreds those in the police station, and he’s determined to seal the openings between two worlds before dark mages can enter earth and turn life on its head. And through the initial onslaught from Mike, his brother is completely at his side. That’s loyalty, right there.

I’m going to ease up on the story details from here. I’m dangerously close to spoiling some very cool revelations and that has always been a no-no. What I will tell you with regard to the second half of the book is that it’s loaded with Mike’s own backstory, and the violence that got off to a sprint 10 or 20 pages ago isn’t so quick to relent.

This is a stellar fusion of drama, action and dark fantasy, and it’s clear as day that between Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas, we are in the best hands for the job. Even if you’ve never been a fantasy fan, this book is going to steal your soul. The characters are infectious and their obstacles are thrilling.

Homecoming is an easy new favorite for me. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Birthright coverage littering up the site!

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5

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