‘Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens #2’ Review

Remember that evil scientist we just discussed in my review of issue numero uno? Well, he’s taken his devious ways a step further: he’s mutating children and turning them into human/animal hybrids. This dude is bad news, and you know damn well Judge Dredd knows it!

But get this: the entire opening sequence is just a flashback, ensuring the reader knows that this lunatic and Dredd aren’t foreign to one another.

Back in live time we’re transferred back into the jungle, and the jungle dwellers have something serious to concern themselves with: not only are a handful of replacement predators now stalking the brush, Judge Dredd and his fellow judges tangling it out with the locals. It’s all hell in a basket, for everyone.

I won’t get too deep into the final pages of the book, because the intrigue isn’t over. What I will say is that once more Layman and Mooneyham do a bang up job with the book. The story’s pace is picking up considerably, and the final showdown between these three pop culture icons is going to be grandiose, to say the least!

You can get it right here.

Rating: 4/5


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