The Flash Volume 2 #8 Review

This book is a tie in to a larger crossover story, Millennium, and the opening page warns that if you haven’t read the previous piece of this story, you should go back and track it down. Well, it’s not 1987 anymore, and I don’t own the recommended book. So, I’m going to do my best and try to pick up the pieces as I go.

We open with Flash doing everything he can to bring readers up to speed. He reminds us he ran into Red Trinity, a new trio of speedsters, and he convinced them that he was the good guy. Apparently their celebration of peace and joy didn’t last long, as we’re now looking at near-mirror images of Red Trinity. We haven’t heard their names just yet, but I’m banking on Blue Trinity.

Bingo. Blue Trinity it is.

Thus far issue eight has been nothing but physical war between Flash and Red Trinity and their imposing challenge, Blue Trinity.

Eventually the strenuous war gets the best of every last speedster on the snowy battlefield, and everyone collapses. The Finnish law enforcement aren’t too keen on transporting the speedsters to America, but it’s the only chance of saving their lives, and so the flight gets underway.

Wally wakes up in Green Lantern territory. He quickly learns he and the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League may be forced to tangle with an enemy capable of putting earth in danger. The narrative is becoming a little heavy and it seems as though our heroes are leaning on a bit more conjecture than any would like.

We cut to the Flash speeding through heavy population. One more cut and we see Wally’s daad making an interesting declaration: He’s a Manhunter. It all throw’s Wally for a major loop, especially when his father asks him to separate himself from his current earth-saving mission.

We get a major shock when Wally’s Dad – responding to Wally’s refusal to listen to him – calls upon some unseen guests: Blue Trinity, who take to serving up a serious woopin’ on The Flash.

Tension increases between Wally and his father, and these brief moments are great, because they remind us that even superheroes face internal troubles, troubles rooted in family relation.

Before Red Trinity is able to escape with the Flash, headed for whatever mysterious lair they’re calling home, the Blue Trinity find themselves headed for their own safe haven.t the end of the day it’s another victory for the Red Trinity But the whole ordeal also creates a few questions for the group: Why were they waiting on the sidelines to Flash out? If they’re the honest speedsters, why not inform Wally in advance? And what in the world is happening to Wally’s father?

After Wally was led – earlier in the issue – to believe his mother was deceased, unbeknownst to him, he obviously found himself deeply hurt. But as the final page of this issue arrives, it brings with it another strange and complex scenario: Wally’s mother is battered and abused, but she tells her son that it is his father, who is now dead.

So many questions waiting to be answered!

Awesome fast speed read with a slew of twists and an endless stream of action. You really can’t ask for much more from any title The Flash is officially on fire!

Rating: 5/5

The Flash

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