The Flash Volume 2 #6 Review

I may have missed it, but Tina’s husband seemed to be lacking any kind of a moniker in the fifth issue of The Flash, but as the cover reveals, he’s been labeled the Speed Demon for issue six. It’s a name that works well for what is pretty much an unheralded comic character; prior to issue five of The Flash I’d never heard of this villain. Ever. Now I know him, and I admit, his backstory is kind of cool, and he’s a despicable enough character to spark a desire to see him get completely starched by Flash. We’ll see if that’s in the cards this issue.

We pick up right where the previous issue left off, as Speed Demon – his wife Tin in tow – has just barreled right into a massive oil tank. Kablam. There’s a nice explosion that accompanies the impact and we’re left to wonder if either of the two survived such an accident.

Just a few pages in and Flash finds Tina. There’s no apparent sign of the Speed Demon, however. Is he dead? Nah. He’s still got to come out for round two with the Flash, which is precisely why fans returned to the book for the sixth issue; outside of a single story arc the book has been awesome.

Flash takes to tracking Speed Demon and in the process we learn more of Speed Demon’s past, before he was the Speed Demon. Baron’s decision to work at humanizing the character works wonders, and we hate the man a lot less after his story is rolled out for The Flash.

About halfway through the Book Flash is finally approached by Speed Demon, who shows up with punishment on his mind. This time, The Flash is able to take Speed Demon down. He’s nearly bested, but ultimately he’s just too fast for the roided out monster.

The book moves well, and Jackson Guice turns in some of his stronger title work. His art looks natural but tightly controlled, and I can get behind that with the greatest of ease. The whole book, I should admit, is an impressive effort with nary a soul missing a beat.

If The Flash is a book you love, this is an issue to pursue.

Rating: 4/5

The Flash

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