The Flash

The Flash Volume 2 #5 Review

Apparently I missed a noteworthy detail or so thanks to my abandonment of issues three and four, but I can’t be too bummed out as those were some legitimately dreadful issues. Flash versus Robots can hit the small screen under a different title on SyFy. Leave the cheesy robots out of the comics.

Anyhow. Those details. Well, I suppose the primary plot point I missed was the love that manifested between the 31 year old Tina and the 20 year old Flash. The problem is, this broad is married, which makes her a devious broad in my eyes. Not so devious, however, as to justify her husband beating the crap out of her, which he does inside the book’s first few pages.

She turns to Wally for help and in no time he’s got her out at his not-so humble abode. These two are moving fast, especially given the fact that she’s married. Boy, it’s easy to hate this woman and feel disgusted with Wally. Let’s hope that gloom is lifted from the story in speedy fashion.

Wally’s father also makes an appearance in the book, showing up at Wally’s house after a supposed fight with Wally’s mother. Apparently the couple haven’t been happy for quite some time. To what degree he’ll be involved in this story remains to be seen. His immersion is a strange mystery.

Wally’s immediate troubles on the other hand aren’t so mysterious. Tina’s husband, who has now successfully transformed himself into a roid raging super freak, tracks Wally and Tina down. The battle, as you guessed, is on.

It took a while to get to the showdown between The Flash and Tina’s husband, and then the fight is brief, to put it mildly. Interestingly enough, this is the first time we’ve seen The Flash end up on the bad side of a one on one tussle. The rage of a scorned lover seems to be a bit too much for Wally. But this is a meeting that certainly hasn’t reached its end, a Tina is snatched by her husband and hauled away, leaving us to wonder what will become of the two. You can bet your bank account that issue six will explore that aspect of the story before officially wrapping this arc, which is a nice return to form after two abysmal issues.

Rating: 4/5

The Flash

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