The Flash #3

The Flash Volume 2 #3 Review

Issue three gives us a look at West getting comfortable with his financial status. He’s loaded to the gills and he’s beginning to live like it. The question really is, will the major life change have any lasting effects on the man? Technically speaking he’s got more to lose now. We’ll see if that factors into the plans of potential villains down the line.

Well, whether it happens to be money related or not, Wally’s life is definitely changing. Francine dumps him and moves out of his sprawling mansion, and that’s just within the first few pages. He’s down and out, obviously, but he’s determined to avoid being bogged down by life’s curve balls.

Wally heads for a S.T.A.R Labs facility in Utah where he’s hoping to increase his speed, but what he finds waiting for him is a giant robot that seems interested in ending his existence. That’s a tough one, but Wally hasn’t been too challenged in this specific Flash run, so this could end up being another “gimme” for our superhero.

As it turns out the machine’s name is Kilg%re, and to be entirely honest, it’s kind of a lame villain. Three issues into this volume and we crash land into dismal territory. So dismal, in fact, that I have zero interest in finishing this book. Robots can be cool and all, but this one, quite frankly, stinks.

Here’s hoping issue four gets the speedster back on track.

Rating: 1/5

The Flash #3

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