The Flash Vol. 2 Issue 2

The Flash Volume 2 #2 Review

You know it’s going to be a good book when the creative team slips in a slick tribute to The Wachmen. We get that little goodie just a page or two into the book, after we pick up on the showdown between The Flash and Vandal Savage, who are working to figure each other out more than slaughter one another, initially.

It’s interesting to see these two debating as opposed to launching recklessly into battle. It gives us a little insight into Savage and his motivations, which, for the record, initially sounds pretty damned goofy. However, when Savage really breaks it down, he sounds more like a vampire than anything else, which is pretty awesome. He intends on taking West’s powers, and to do so, he’s going to have to kill him.

We’re a few pages in and these two get to business. The Flash is successful in nullifying Savage’s attack and in just moments Vandal is gone and Wally is off to get an injury checked out by his doctor.

Did I mention that West won the lottery? Yeah. He’s about six million dollars richer than the rest of us.

We get a lot of light-hearted material from this issue, but that affords us the chance to get to know West and Francine, his love interest a bit more. But while the two are out having a good time at a local club, Savage surfaces to ruin the party.

Again, Wally gets the better of Savage, who, like before, vanishes into thin air. He may be immortal, but thus far he hasn’t been much of a match for our titular hero.

As the issue wraps up we get a look at Wally learning to manage his money, and apparently busing a mansion. It must be tough being rich.

Another solid book that works as light entertainment. There’s no intricate storyline unraveling at this point, and it seems as though The Flash has forced Vandal Savage into hiding, for the time being. Things are going well in West’s life, but this is a comic book, and nothing stays peaceful forever.

Rating: 4/5

The Flash Vol. 2 Issue 2

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