Winterworld: Better Angles, Colder Hearts is an Easy Recommendation (Review)

Written by: Daniel Hadley

In a world where man didn’t release enough greenhouse gasses and the world is plunged into a bitter, wintery apocalypse, two survivors and their pet badger (honestly never seen that one before) travel the snowy wastelands, battling the harsh cold, gangs of marauding killers and the everyday turmoil that comes from post-apocalyptic survival. It’s not terribly original but it is very entertaining. Having not read the whole series I was somewhat dropped right in the middle of Winterworld’s story but being as its nothing overly complicated that wasn’t too much of an issue.

Comparisons to Mad Max aside, there is nothing ground breaking here to sink your teeth into, but what we do have is an entertaining tale of survival with plenty of action to keep you going through to the last page. Chuck Dixon has created a fun world for our two protagonists to travel through: Scully and Wynn, our two main characters, are forced to push on through the cold and unforgiving frozen wasteland battling through one perilous situation after another and it’s a dam fun read.

If you’re a fan of the action movies of old from the straight to VHS days, like the Cannon films of the eighties, then Winterworld will be right up your alley – or at least one of the adjoining alleys. You have the gruff hero, the spritely sidekick and the protective pet, this pet being a badger and not the typical dog that is so often in used in tales like these. It’s standard genre fare, but this genre is popular for a reason after all.

We have all seen the apocalyptic future where hunger is a main priority and barbaric gangs are a very real threat, but it’s a formula that works. And when you have the stunning artwork that’s on display here, then it’s an easy trip through a beautiful albeit familiar world.

If you like your stories simple, your action heavy and your characterization a little light, then Winterworld: Better Angels, Colder Hearts (a title that really sounds like it belongs to a detective, noir thriller) is an easy recommendation.

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