4 of 2016’s Highest Box Office Earners Are Comic Book Adaptations


The first major comic book film to see release in 2016 was the highly anticipated and long delayed live action rendition of Deadpool. Could Wade Wilson liven up a theater stuffed full of acne covered faces who’d already spent literal eons praying to Lorthos for the arrival of the wise guy. Well, the wise guy showed up, and created a whole lot of carnage that likely required a whole lot of grunts to later clean up.

Deadpool is the third highest grossing film of the year with a domestic haul of $363 million and an additional $420 million haul on the international market. That’s a total of $783 million. $783 million dollars earned on the big screen… for a production that figured south of $60 million by a full $2 million. That’s beyond a success story, that’s a surefire guarantee we’ll see a few more Deadpool films!

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

In March the world got an enormous surprise. It wasn’t just the arrival of Batman and Superman, determined to duke it out. No, the real surprise came in the fact that Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an absolute steaming pile of nauseating, thick, unidentifiable bodily fluids. It’s easily one of the worst superhero films in existence. At some point in some unknown time frame, director Zack Snyder decided it would be a criminal mistake to make either of these legendary heroes likable.

Maybe there was a voice at the top of the latter influencing his approach. Whatever the case was, it didn’t work. On an entertainment level, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice pulled a shocking kamikaze. There isn’t a single moment of fun in the film.

Still, the appeal of seeing Batman and Superman battle led to flocks of longtime comic fans to theaters. Enough so that the picture made $330 million domestically and another $542 on the international market. In total the film sold $872 million in tickets, which has to make it the highest grossing horrible film in history. It was enough to fit into the sixth position at the 2016 domestic box office.

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