We’re Looking for Passionate and Dedicated Writers!

At this point in time the website is in its obvious infancy, but we really want to grow. We want to be able to give comic fans the reviews they want. We want to give the analytical mind the thought provoking articles they deserve. We want to rank Marvel titles, characters and story lines. The same can be said for DC, Image, Dynamite, IDW and all of the other amazing indie publishers out there. We want to bring more exposure to your books.

That’s where you come in, because we need you to make it happen.

If you like writing about those things mentioned in the first paragraph, and you want all sorts of advance and current comics – in digital form – free of charge, then reach out to me here: contact@best-comic-books.com, let’s get this site growing like it should!


Don't be shy, talk about it.

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