James Campbell’s Batman Fan Film Ripper is Beyond Awesome!

We love Batman at his darkest. Nobody broods better. Nobody punishes better. Nobody just goes toe to toe with the friggin’ Ripper!

Okay. Batman does… all of those things.

This new short film is a complete blast. Nice production values, fine cinematography, great performances and a tone that might just shock you. It’s cool seeing two legendary figures, for two entirely different reasons, tangling to the bitter end…

You’ve got to watch this, plain and simple. James Campbell writes and directs.

The film stars Bill Fellows, Donald Standen, Jacob Anderton, Kris Saddler, Sally Collett, Victoria Gibson, Eilidh Talman and Bruce Payne.

2 thoughts on “James Campbell’s Batman Fan Film Ripper is Beyond Awesome!”

  1. Excellent write up and awesome video. Thanks for posting! Have you shared this on any movie websites before?


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