Nailbiter 21

Prepare for Another Morbid Story Arc in Image Comics’ Hit Title, Nailbiter!

Nailbiter fans are about to attempt some wild acrobatics. The joy comes in knowing that Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson will be launching a brand new story arc that begins with Nailbiter #21.

If you’ve been following the story you know it’s about as insane as it gets. But if you haven’t been reading Nailbiter, you’re missing some mind blowing greatness.

Just to sum it all up for those of you not in the know, I’ll summarize the entire story with just one nice run-on sentence: Mysterious town, 16 serial killers, a man of the law suddenly on the wrong side of the law and a body count that continues to rise at an alarming rate.

Here’s the scoop from the Press Release:

Writer Joshua Williamson (BIRTHRIGHT) and artist Mike Henderson (Venom,Carnage) will launch a new story arc in their hit horror series NAILBITER this May.


Previously in NAILBITER, NSA agent Nicholas Finch found himself roped into the mystery of Buckaroo, Oregon, where sixteen of the world’s vilest serial killers were spawned—and his life has not gotten any simpler since. A new serial killer appeared, for one; not to mention the commitment of more grisly murders and a major revelation about Alice’s parentage.


In NAILBITER #21, Alice now knows that the Nailbiter is her father. Does that mean she will grow up to be a serial killer?


“It’s awesome that we’re starting year three of Nailbiter! The team and I are so thankful to the readers and retailers for keeping us alive and killing for the last two years,” said Williamson. “We’ve been building to the Bound by Blood story arc since the beginning, slowly revealing the secret relationships between the characters. And now with this story arc we focus on Alice as she learns some dark truths about her past. The only way for her to know everything is if she solves the town’s big secret…why does it give birth to so many serial killers? How has it been hidden for so long? Crazy things are going to be revealed in this story arc…and it’s going to be very bloody!”


“Another year, another arc, another murder spree!” said Henderson. “We can’t thank everyone who’s kept Nailbiter going strong enough but just to try: Alice takes center stage and learns some new things about her ever-weirder world and the result is some of our darkest and bloodiest yet.”


NAILBITER #21 (Diamond code: MAR160550) hits stores Wednesday, May 4th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, April 11th.

Nailbiter 21

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