Dark Horse Comics Set to Release Ranx in English!

Want to rewind the clock to the glory days of Dark Horse (okay, they’ve all been glory days, but you know what I’m saying!) Comics? You’re about to get the chance to do just that as Dark Horse is planning to release the 1980s title Ranx, and, for the very first time it will be in English!

Read on for release and purchase details!

From the Press Release:

Dark Horse Comics is pleased to announce that it will be publishing the classic Heavy Metal series Ranx for the first time in English since its debut in the 1980s.


This volume collects all of the Ranx stories by two Italian comic masters, writer Stefano Tamburini and artist Tanino Liberatore.


Ranx (also known as RanXerox) is a sci-fi antihero made of photocopier parts and ultraviolence. In a futuristic dystopia, he protects his girlfriend Lubna from vicious drug dealers on a brutal path of sex, carnage, and destruction.


The hardcover will be released on November 9, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic book store or favorite retailer.



Barnes & Noble


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