Dept H. #1

Dark Horse Delivers a Beautiful Aquatic Mystery in ‘Dept. H #1’ Review

Matt Kindt isn’t just a brilliant storyteller, he’s mighty sufficient with the pencil as well. The man can do it all, and he’s back to prove that to the masses with his latest Dark Horse release, Dept. H. An unconventional story by all accounts, Kindt drops us deep in the ocean to solve a murder mystery. It’s like Clue, in the deep end of the pool… except exponentially more rewarding.

Mia has been recruited by USEAR – Underwater Scientist Exploration and Research – to investigate a murder that occurred deep beneath the water’s surface, in a research station. While the majority of the inaugural issue doesn’t yield much in the way of significant revelations, it does succeed in introducing us to our immediately likeable lead protagonist all the while lining up the murder suspects. We know the man who killed Mia’s father is somewhere in the research facility and she’s made it a professional and personal goal to solve this mystery.

Kindt’s work has always been top notch, but to see him take to the ocean’s floor feels refreshing. One single issue in and I’m completely addicted to this stunning who-dun-it piece. From Kindt’s narrative to the unique artwork and complex characters, Dept H is an immediate hit for Dark Horse.

Issue number two cannot arrive fast enough!

Pre-Order it right here!

Rating: 5/5


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