‘Ghostbusters International #1’ Review

Ghostbusters International starts on a slow note, as they make the typical entity wrangling before being approached by the absurdly wealthy Erland Vinter, who has some plans for the gang. While we don’t receive too much in the way of details (that’s to come in issue number two, no doubt), we do get the very obvious idea that our loveable paranormal squashers won’t be hanging around New York for this specific assignment.

This is a fine opener, and writer Erik Burnham keeps the feel and continuity of recent stories intact. Picking this book up it feels as though we haven’t missed a beat, which is good news for hardcore Ghostbusters fans. Burnham also garners praise for keeping each of the Ghostbusters’ personalities very true to Ivan Reitman’s original source feature. You’ve got to love that.

As for the artwork, fear not – Dan Schoening brings his trademark style to the book, keeping the look of our protagonists clean yet simple. No pencil stroke is wasted by Schoening. All in all, the book looks great, and what we see in regards to villains is standout stuff.

Ghostbusters always have and always will entertain me. There are only so many paths these gentlemen can travel, but there’s clearly still room for expansions, as the numerous GB titles out there haven’t grown stale yet. With a brand new Ghostbusters reboot headed to the big screen soon, it doesn’t look as though this paranormal balloon will be deflating any time soon.

This is solid work that comes recommended. Order it here.

Rating: 4/5


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