‘Pencil Head #1’ Review

Ted McKeever’s got an interesting style. He’s also got a book on his hands that has the potential to go down in history as one of the finer creations of the comic world. Pencil Head is dark and satirical, jaded to the core but lively on all fronts. It’s interesting to say the least, and any living soul on Mother Earth who is beyond fed up with their boss, their working conditions or the mundane manner so many lives take on, Pencil Head is most certainly for you.

The story focuses on Poodwaddle, a frustrated creator of comics. He lives something of a lonely life, he’s sick and tired of his publisher attempting to take creative control over his work, often pushing it in a direction he can’t begin to agree with. But Poodwaddle meets with an old friend, Luthais, in the biz, and that friend offers him a chance to write something that leaves him feeling fulfilled.

Between his professional problems and the sudden appearance of one of his very own creations, now come to life to haunt the man, he definitely needs the change. He needs some normalcy in his life, and he may just be on the cusp of obtaining it, if he can pull himself together and move forward.

McKeever’s harsh outlook on life is genius and sadly, somewhat realistic. He’s created a couple of characters that are going to resonate in the mind of readers. These players are crude yet hilarious and this book stands to head in the direction of cult status. Pencil Head won’t work for everyone, but those who do find pleasure in reading this are likely to remain onboard as long as McKeever’s willing to extend us more greatness.

I simply cannot begin to recommend this book enough. It’s amazing!

Rating: 5/5


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