New 52 ‘Batman – The Dark Knight #0’ Review

The zero issue of the New 52’s Batman The Dark Knight doesn’t really give us anything refreshing to contemplate, as it serves as the foundation for the origin of Batman. We travel back in time to Bruce Wayne’s younger days, picking up immediately after Bruce’s parents were robbed and killed. We see Bruce grow to be a young man, constantly tracking the murderer until finally, very near adulthood, Bruce learns that it was Joe Chill who killed his folks. And he didn’t do it as a hired hand, he did it as a broke transient in need of fiscal stability. It’s not quite the revelation that Bruce had hoped for, although it does prime him to become a crime fighter.

The book reads well, thanks to writer Gregg Hurwitz, who has more than adequate skills to let the narrative pull readers from reality. And Hurwitz gets solid assistance from Mico Suayan and Juan Jose Ryp who do amazing work with the illustrations. Together the three deliver a book that should have Batman fans eager to leap into new territory for the Bat.

The book gives us some great insight into the poverty that’s beginning to swallow Gotham whole, which should line us up for some very compelling tales in future books.

There really isn’t much more to speak on. This one is as straight forward as can be, but the talent behind the book certainly instills some hope for future issues. We’ll see where this group leans us.

Rating: 3/5

new 52 batman dark knight 0 cover

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