Bridget Lee

Ethan Young and Dark Horse Comics Bring Us a New Graphic Novel Series

Ethan Young is one of those true talents out there, capable of doing just about everything in the comic world. We stand behind the man, 100-percent. We also stand by Dark Horse Comics, one of the greatest publishers in existence today. Dark Horse has gone out of their way to thrill us with insane horror and science fiction books, and it looks like that trend isn’t going to change any time soon!

Check out some very, very good news from the official press release:

This fall, Ethan Young, the acclaimed writer and artist of Nanjing: The Burning City, brings his immense talent to a sci-fi epic full of heart, humor, and heroism in The Battles of Bridget Lee!


The Battles of Bridget Lee will take readers on a multivolume journey through space as it follows the world’s next heroine to great heights.


There is no longer a generation that remembers a time before the Marauders invaded Earth. The remaining human outposts have been quiet since they fought back the alien aggressors, but there are stirrings of another attack. Bridget Lee, an ex–combat medic now residing at the outpost Farfall, may be the world’s last hope. But Bridget will need to overcome her own fears before she can save her people. Her legend begins here.


Ethan Young won a 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for Best Graphic Novel for Tails.


The Battles of Bridget Lee Volume 1: Invasion of Farfall (978-1-50670-012-0) is in stores September 21, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop or through these fine retailers:


Barnes and Noble

Bridget Lee

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