Copperhead Volume 1

‘Copperhead Volume 1: A New Sheriff in Town’ Review’

Unraveling like a slick extension of Star Wars, Copperhead proves addictive and action-packed in near record time. Readers are immediately thrust into the world of Clara Bronson, a single mother and new sheriff of the mining town, Copperhead. During her first day on the job a dysfunctional family is massacred. This isn’t going to be a peaceful place to live, and there are a number of suspect alien lifeforms meandering about. Sheriff Bronson clearly has her work cut out for her, and little does she know it, but many of the locals are going to make her job a lot harder than it has to be.

As a comic fan that’s always been on the fence about science-fiction comics, I’m more than happy to admit to adoring Copperhead. Jay Faerber’s story isn’t overly complex, which seems to be something of a habit among many writers who dedicate their efforts to the sub-genre. Jay also nurtures the characters long enough to invest – one way or the other – in their existence: we like Clara, we want her to thrive as the sheriff of this dry town. We care about her boy, and her partner in law. We care about Ismael. There are plenty of characters here to despise as well, as that’s the intentional design of their persona.

I’m not all too familiar with Scott Godlewski or his work, but he damn sure impresses in this instance. His ability to craft varying forms of aliens as well as humans so effectively is awesome. The creative balance is there and that’s a sign of a well-rounded artist, as are his abilities to generate convincing backgrounds and settings. Godlewski is a perfect match for Jay Faerber. Their work together feels familiar and atypical simultaneously. Straight-forward visuals and narrative, but not simplified work… that’s what Copperhead offers. As well as a fine escape from the real world, of course.

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Rating: 4.5/5


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