Mickey Spillane’s Mike Danger Volume 1 #1

Max Allan Collins and Eduardo Barreto’s strange, futuristic crime noir, MiKe Danger held major appeal to me as a teenager. Tekno comix hadn’t been around long (to my knowledge) and very few of their titles called to me, but I’ve always been a fan of the rugged PI type, and so I took my chance with Mr. Danger.

It was a good call.

Issue number one sees Mike Danger tell us a bit of his history in combat before meeting an old military buddy. But this fellow, who’s been a distant piece of Danger’s past for a great number of years, has always been a little bit… off. So, when he shows up and tells Danger that he’s encounter an ex-Nazi officer now moonlighting as a doctor, Danger takes it with a grain of salt and chalks it up to the over-imagination of a man who’s always let fantasies play out through his mind and out of his mouth.

But soon, Mike’s old buddy ends up dead, and just like that it’s Danger on the case. But Mike soon stumbles upon the very thing is old pal had attempted to inform him about. It’s a top secret room loaded with what amount to cryogenic holding tubes.

Some action unfolds, and Mike Danger inadvertently finds himself  encased in one.

100 years later, he wakes up, and it’s time to get accustomed to an entirely new lifestyle.

This is an amazing and underrated book. As noted, I didn’t read too many of Tekno’s books, but this is a winner through and through. Max Allan Collins was born to write this kind of mystery, and Eduardo Barreto’s artwork couldn’t be more perfect. The book reads and looks like a vintage title. It’s convincing in that regard, but it’s also seamlessly assembled and one of the finest books you need to be tracking down.

Mike Danger rocks, and I’ll be reviewing every issue I own!

Rating: 5/5

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